Our Services

In addition, to installing lightning protection systems, Bluegrass designs and installs ground grids, mats, signal reference grids, fence & taut wire grounding and many other grounding projects. Also we do designing of blueprints for projects for architects & engineers providing systems specified for LPI, UL96A & NFPA 780. We work with many of the Electrical Contractors all across the United States.

We can provide certificates of insurance for general contractual liability, workman’s compensation and vehicle liability upon request.

Commercial Projects - Bluegrass Lightning Consultants


Commercial and Industrial Lightning Protection Systems, Installed per UL, LPI, NFPA, or other state, federal or military specs, to fit the specific needs of your project.

Residential Projects - Bluegrass Lightning Consultants


Residential Lightning Protection Systems for your Home, Farm, Barns, Trees, etc. We will work with you to ensure your complete satisfaction and protection.

  • Surge Suppression. TVSS – Protect your valuable electronics, appliances, and data systems.
  • Trees
  • Grounding Systems
Military Projects - Bluegrass Lightning Consultants


Government Projects - Bluegrass Lightning Consultants